Q.Can I buy your chair from any stores here in LosAngeles ?

A. At present we are not selling through conventional furniture stores or office supply houses but only online by direct mail order.
But please do not let the lack of a pre-purchase "sit" deter you from moving up to this superbly comfortable seat.
You can rest assured that I stand by my unconditional 60 day moneyback guarantee the full 100%

Please feel free to check me out by corresponding with any of the satisfied clients listed in the testimonials - You may email me for their address.

Q. We are looking for an office work chair for a pregnant staff member, one that provides zero gravity. Can you please provide details. The chair must fit under a non adjustable desk and is on a carpeted floor.

You have come to exactly right place to look after your pregnant staff member. We probably don't emphasize this aspect enough on our site but, because of the forward sloping seat, a pregnant lady can sit in our chair for quite long periods without discomfort.
Body weight is distributed between the base of the spine and the shins/knees. This feature plus the action of the adjustable counter-balance spring encourages a pleasant "rocking motion" which eases any pain from spasms - especially in the later stages of pregnancy.
The Kneelsit uses larger than standard casters for ease of movement so that it is still relatively easy to move around on a carpeted floor.

Re: Kneelsit Chair and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

A. As to your sitting problem and the need to keep your feet and ankles off the floor. Have you considered using a firm roll of foam that you could insert under your lower shins so that your shins took the pressure instead of your feet.?

The suggestion of firm roll of foam that inserts under the shins works well. I have EMG on left ankle back in 1992 that was positive. I am having a triple compression between low back, piriformis muscle and ankle.I have been going to chiropractor that is doing laser treatment on the ankle. Thank you for the follow. The firm roll works well. Thank you. John L.

Q. Why is your chair more expensive than many conventional chairs?

A. Most computer furniture and computer chairs are made in production runs of tens of thousands, and a careful investigation of many manufacturers will show that the bulk of their parts are bought in very cheaply from low cost labour countries. e.g. the standard 5 star bases, gas lifts, plastic seat pans, backrests, casters etc. The local manufacturer will then add a single layer of medium density foam, glue on the fabric covering, then clip on various light plastic cover pieces.

By contrast, every single part of the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair is specially designed and then made to order in small production runs of a few hundred units. All components are carefully checked by hand to ensure accuracy of fit and smooth operation of the moving parts. Upholstery is carried out by specialist upholsterers who cut and shape the 3 progressive density layers of foam to ensure maximum support and comfort.

Finally, after assembly and before packing, each chair is carefully checked again to ensure exact balance and smooth, gentle movement - two fundamentals of the perfect posture and superb comfort intrinsic to this revolutionary new design

Q. What are the dimensions of your chair as I have only a small office?

Width at front = 17 & 3/4 inches (460mm)
Width at rear = 20&1/4 inches (520mm)
Length overall = 27 & 1/2 inches (700mm)
You will realise of course, that almost half the length of the chair will be under your desk when it is in use.

Q. I tried some models of the knee stools & got sore knees after an hour. How do I know this won't happen with the Kneel-sit chair ?

A. Those stools had a fixed kneeler which did not move when you changed position, the freely-moving axle in the shin cushion of the Kneel-sit allows it to adjust to every shift in your seating position.

In addition you can raise or lower the kneeling cushion through several different settings to vary the amount of pressure exerted and thus reduce lower back pain causes .

Q. I suffer from fibromyositis will the chair help with that?

A. The short answer is that it certainly should enable you to sit for much longer periods with far less discomfort than if you were using a conventional chair. Having kept in touch with many of my customers over the years it would appear to give relief for many back problems such as scoliosis, sciatica, spondylitis, worn lumbar discs, symptoms from Parkinsons disease and rehabilitation following laminectomy,  spinal fusion and similar surgical procedures.

Q. Can I have arm rests fitted ?

A. We don't fit arm rests to the chair for three reasons. First they make getting in and out of the chair more awkward. Second, armrests tend to restrict the diaphragm and inhibit full lung capacity. Finally they tend to limit the closeness with which one can work at a desk.

Q. I am 6 ft. 6 inches tall will the Kneel-sit chair fit me ?

A. You still have 2 inches to go to catch up with Rob from Kiama, who is 6'8" yet the seat fits him quite comfortably.

Q. Am I correct in assuming that the backrest is not functional when one has achieved equipoise. It is about 1 inch away from the lumbar region of my back when I am "balanced". I do find it quite useful for sitting back if I need to, but not when balanced. I am wondering if I have not adjusted the seat correctly and that it should provide support while I am balancing ?

A. It sounds very much as if you have not adjusted the backrest under-seat adjustment far enough forward to suit YOUR requirements. Try that & I'm sure you'll find it works for you.

Q. Can I lean back in the chair if I want to or does the kneelsit require you to sit up straight all the time - like the girl in the photo ?

A. The "perfect posture" shown by the girl seems to occur automatically when you are working at the keyboard, but the design of the seat allows you to lean well back or well forward as the mood takes you - in short you are 'encouraged' to relax and change your position frequently. This also helps prevent the 'fluid stasis' to which Prof. Bonello refers.

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