The Kneelsit Ergonomic Balance Chair

Exact balance and continuous movement

A dynamic chair places less strain on the spinal column than a fixed chair according to new research.

TNO Work and Employment and the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at Amsterdam's Vrije Universiteit.

These are the primary elements that cause the Kneelsit balance chair to deliver uncompromising comfort and relief from back pain. This kneel chair has been developed through years of research, testing and use to ensure that workers whose jobs require them to sit for long periods do not fall victim to poor posture, compressed discs and gradually increasing back pain.

Rather than add to these problems (as most traditional office chairs tend to do), this kneel chair combines three vital elements (balance, movement and a forward-sloping seat) that actually encourage good posture and nourishment of your spine.

Why Balance and Movement Are Important

In a static, ordinary chair, there is no balance or natural movement so all the pressure of your body falls to your spine. The longer you sit, the more tired you become and the more stress your spinal column is subject to (especially your lower back and rear end).

With the Kneelsit balance chair, however, your body is in a position of exact balance from head to toe alleviating undue strain on your spine and back. This, in and of itself, would be enough to constitute a remarkable kneel chair, but the Kneelsit goes further. By incorporating our patented swivel axel mechanism and forward sloping seat, the Kneelsit balance chair encourages gentle, natural movements throughout your body that work to:

  • enhance posture
  • reduce pressure on your diaphragm for easier breathing
  • relieve tension on your muscles, joints and tendons for a more relaxed feeling
  • improve your concentration and alertness by stimulating the balance mechanism of your inner ear
  • reduce back pain
  • minimise the possibility of slipped or deteriorated discs
  • bring nourishment to the cells of your spinal discs
  • More benefits of the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair. These findings are confirmed by numerous studies and medical experts, but - more importantly - are reported by those who actually use the Kneelsit balance chair.

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