Medical Comments on the Kneelsit computer chair

Rehabilitation - comments

ergonomic computer chair Rehabilitation Centre report

Mr. Greg Usher has developed a prototype balance seat over the past 4 years. Its structural integrity has been tested and confirmed by the Department of Engineering, Wollongong University. Worksafe Australia assisted with a number of design aspects which are now incorporated in the prototype. Field tests to date have indicated an enthusiastic acceptance of the prototype by a number of people with long standing back pain. A number of prototypes have already been sold. There is an expectation that the use of this seat will reduce the incidence of back pain in the workplace, particularly in occupations such as dedicated keyboard operators, telemarketers, dispatchers and gantry crane operators.

This Centre would support the further research and development of this innovative seat design.

Our major interest in the success of this venture will be its anticipated contribution to the reduction of the cost to industry of back pain

Dr. R Oakeshott
Director of Clinical Services.
Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney

Chiropractic - comments

ergonomic computer chair University report


- - - - - - -.There appears to be a reduced compressive load on areas in the spine as weight is borne more evenly with the spine in a relatively natural /neutral upright posture.

Joints are less flexed than in a more conventional chair. This minimises the usual tendency for thigh muscle contracture due to shortened muscle lengths whilst seated. In this regard the seat is especially useful to those who adopt prolonged sedentary posture.

The pivot movements which are unique to the Kneelsit chair appear to combat fluid stasis (the tendency for blood and lymphatic fluid to 'back up' and become congested whilst seated). This feature appears to be a major innovation in the Kneelsit chair. Additionally, this movement would be useful for lumbar disc and other tissue nourishment as well as improved efficiency in tissue waste product removal.


R. Bonello
The Centre for Chiropractic
Macquarie University