Dynamic Meditation Chair

Early work

As mentioned above in the History and origin of the Kneelsit chair the design originally commenced life as an 'upmarket' meditation stool crafted in Australian cedar and pure wool. It comprised an upholstered seat and kneeler and proved quite popular with many of the meditators doing Vipassana courses.

Over several years the centre had acquired a number of these stools as I donated them in payment for my meals and accomodation on various courses I attended. Accordingly I was often approached by members asking if I could make one for them. I was not really looking to start a business then and I carried out these assignments more as a favour, mostly just covering my costs.

Types of Meditation

The many various forms of meditation are well set out in wikipedia.
A brief outline:

1. Yoga in its many varieties often associated with Hinduism.
2. Vipassana - a derivative of Bhuddist practices.
3. TM or Transcental Meditation.
4. Qi Gong a form of active meditation.
6. Self-Hypnosis.
7. One of the more extreme forms of active meditation is that practiced by "whirling dervishes".

How to sit while meditating.

Devices used for supporting the body during sitting meditation are almost as numerous as the types of meditation itself. Mats, matting, cushions, sloping wooden stools, plastic sit-on balls etc.etc. The principal difficulty, however, faced by novice meditators is to achieve a comfortable, balanced posture during the hour or hours of practice. The two most important words in that last sentence are of course - 'comfortable' and 'balanced' and from the numerous letters I have received over the years I believe that these have been achieved quickly and easily with the Kneelsit.

What is meditation?

While there have often been various proprietary claims made by certain religious groups or sects about meditation it is important to remember that meditation should not be regarded as some form of religious ritual. Nothing could be further from the truth. In its most basic form meditation should be seen as a very useful means of quieting the busy mind, of ceasing the continual waffle of thinking, of letting go the never-ending chatter of this humdrum world.

Meditation is best thought of as a technique for relaxing the body and calming the mind. Although many of the styles of meditation originated in India, China and Japan, it can actually be found in all cultures of the world. Even though some of its aims may have been religious, its health benefits have long been recognized. It is now being further explored as a way of reducing stress on both mind and body.

Studies have found that regular meditation can reduce healthcare use; increase longevity and quality of life; reduce chronic pain; reduce anxiety; high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It may also increase intelligence-related measures; assist in relieving post-traumatic stress disorders.

Meditational practices, regularly carried out, will hopefully bring about an integration of mind, body and spirit.

The Kneelsit chair helps you to achieve even balance, improve your posture, provides superior comfort and - most importantly - assists you to quickly and easily reach a deep meditative state.

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