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Hi Greg,

Your Kneelsit chair has been a God-send to me: I'm on my computer at work 9 hours a day, I wouldn't last more than a few hours without the Knelssit (I used to have to take strong pain medication almost daily, I had a ruptured disk in my lumbar). I've rid myself of having to frequently chase down pain pills and chiropractic visits. The tweaking of your chair is great - I'm 6'3" so I adjust it differently for my fiancée who's 5'6". I was so pleased with the chair that, as you know, I bought a 2nd one for home.

Thanks again - G'day
Scott Majewski
Oakbrook Tce. Il.

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Kneelsit chair. I was a bit wary of spending the $500 at first because I do have to be economical, but the very first time I sat in it I immediately felt it had been money very well spent.I use it to teach Piano & also at the computer. I explain it to the parents of my students, almost all of whom stay for their child's lesson. Some of them have been quite interested, as have a couple of the children who get a turn to sit in it occasionally while I play the piano. So, you never know, one of them may decide to buy a chair one day!

I have minor lower back, upper back & neck problems, so I'm hoping that using the chair will at least stop them from getting worse & may even help them improve! I'm certainly a lot more comfortable sitting in it compared to other chairs. I also use it sometimes when I'm reading or watching TV. I love the feeling when I first sit down in it .... you know, that "aaaah, that's better!" feeling.

I'll continue to spread the word about your great chair! Keep up the good work.

Bronwyn James
Umina N.S.W.

Hi Greg

It has arrived and I love it! Instant relief for my “aching back”! If I had known that I could have achieved this much relief I would have had one of these chairs months ago.
I can feel my spine moving as I “sit” I can’t wait to tell my chiropractor that I won’t be coming as often.
It is fantastic and I will be happy to recommend it to everybody I know that suffers from the long sitting day.
Thank you so much,

Ann O'C
Prahran VIC

Brooklyn, New York
Subject: My new wonderful Kneelsit chair
Dear Greg and Danny,

I called you when the chair arrived and you *talked* us through the assembly process, it worked out fine.
End Result: This is the best chair I've ever used. I don't even want to leave the computer; it's so comfortable I can sleep in it! I no longer have pain when I wake up. I always was able to predict a storm because my back would go out, but not anymore! Last week, we had torrential downpours and I felt fine.
I now know that all the inferior chairs I've had before contributed to my pain. I'm even walking straighter now that I'm not straining my back while I type.
I like this chair so much I plan to get another one soon, for David.
Thank you so much again. This chair has saved my back.
(You can use my comments).

Best regards,
Bonnie & Dave Rogoff.
Brooklyn, New York.

Hello Everyone,
words are inadequate to describe the feeling of sitting in the kneelsit chair ~ the harmony it brings to my physical form is pure bliss ~
thanks and Blessings to all who play a part in these chairs,

cindy g.

Hi Greg:

I have not been able to sit for more than 2 minutes for 24 years. I have consulted several chair specialists, obtained the body built chair, kneeling chair, bambach chair and gymnastic ball for sitting plus other chairs. I have been to 3 orthopedic surgeons, I have been to a back clinic for 2 years to learn a home program called DMT(Decompression Mobilization Therapy). I have had prolo therapy done on low back, neck and knees. In addition I have been to chiropractors and accupuncturists plus other alternative medicine practitioners for nutrition etc.
I retired 7 years ago because I could no longer walk . I thought I would die before I would ever find a way to sit. I was a programmer for 41 years so sitting was very important.

This one testimonial says it all- my back thanks you, my butt thanks you, my brain thanks you, my neck thanks you, my shoulders thank you, my emotions thank you, my entire body thanks you and I thank you.

Thank you Greg.

Yes you may use my testimonial.

John Loest
Ventura CA

Hi Greg,
The Kneelsit chair is working out very well for me. I've never found a flat-seated chair comfortable, (even the ergonomic flat seats), but all the other kneeling chairs I've tried haven't been adjustable. So the adjustability of the Kneelsit chair is its greatest feature; it accommodates different heights and body types well, and allows me to change the chair as my body preferences change. Also, the movement in the back and seat cushions makes it much more comfortable to sit and work all day at the computer. Overall, I love this chair and am very grateful for it. My only suggestion would be to add a second spring under the seat on the right.,
Thank you very much,


"Hi Greg and Danny,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement rubber caps for the spring. I've put one of them on and the clunking has completely gone, thank you. Your chair is proving to be a real life saver for me. I have awful trouble with my back when I try to sit on any other chair for any more than about half an hour. As a writer you can imagine what a terrible hindrance to my life this is. Your chair takes so much pressure off my back I can sit two or more hours quite comfortably in it. I've tried almost all other options and nothing has been as good as your chair. I now even wheel it all around the house so I don't have to sit in any other chair to watch television or to eat my meal at the table. I really am rapt.
Thank you."


I am 6'4" and weigh 280 lbs, so - for me - the knee rest needs more padding....I sort of start out in the right position but then slump down so that my knees 'ride up' over time.
The seat has saved my back and hips 90%. If the kneeler could be constructed so that it stopped my slide and the pain I get in my shins after about an hour or so then this would bring the contraption to perfection 100%.
Blessings and keep up the excellent work!

Stephen S McGuirk
Barnum Financial Group
Phone: (203) 513-6122

Hi Greg,
I received my chair last week (a week after back surgery for a severely laterally herniated disc and very compressed nerve) and was finally able to sit in comfort after many weeks of excrutiating pain. I still cannot sit in a regular chair for more than a few minutes without pain, but I can sit in the kneelsit and work at my computer (about an hour at a time with breaks--I am working up slowly). Everyone who has tried it has been amazed when they sit on it. My husband, who has scoliosis, was really surprised at the comfort! Hopefully, as I heal from surgery, I will be able to get back to longer, pain free hours of my graphic design/computer work, and avoid future back problems.
Thank you!
From cold and snowy Detroit,

Barbara Barefield
Barefield DesignWorks, Inc.
Detroit, MI 48203

Hi Greg,
Sorry for the stroppy reply of last week... But the last 5 back chairs I’ve bought at a average cost of €250 each, have fallen apart within the year. Now I see what a serious piece of industrial machinery is your product, I just know it’ll see me out... and I’m planning on at least another 40 years min stay on planet Earth. But tank though it be, it glides about on my marble floors (I’m not being flash... I live in Spain and they’re all marble) as light of foot as a ballerina and projects me from one end of my office to the other like a bullitt on extasy. My kids think it’s wild and they want one when they grow up. If they get to grow up with me shooting about on my kneelsit deathmachine... Thanks for improving my quality of living no-end...

Adrian Chesterman MA.RCA
I get through back chairs at a rate of one a year... If yours falls apart after a year like all the others ... In the words of Arnie... “I’ll be back”...

" Thank you so much for the wonderful Kneel/sit chair. I have used three different varieties in the past, but none with a back rest. It does make this one the best one yet. I knew when I saw it, that I would love sitting in it. The softly padded seat and back and knee rest make it very comfortable. The adjustability of it also makes it just a perfect fit for me. I also like the design of the way it sits on the floor. No wheels to trip over when getting in and out of the chair. Yet easy to move around, and doesn't take much space. Thank you again. I am definitely pleased."

Kathleen Ford.

"You're a genius -  my back feels great.
You know, I've tried everything there is for back care...massage devices, inversion therapy, expensive (sitting) chairs, chiropractors, stretching etc.  Some of these methods work to some degree but nothing has been able to reverse the slow degradation of my spinal discs over the last eight years - until now.
I'm very impressed with the Kneelsit, since it directly addresses the core problem of sitting for 10 hours a day -  I can feel my spine gently loosening up as I'm sitting in it and the feeling is wonderful.
....Thanks again."

Paul Schuyler Architect,
Seattle, Washington.

"I wrote you a while ago about my new chair. I followed the instructions you sent back, and I believe I have finally reached "equipoise"! The chair feels great now. It did take a bit of getting used to--I was glad you had included that email on your website of the man who said that, because it helped me persist. Now, when I get in the chair, I have a sensation of "ahhhhh!"
I love my chair. I like to meditate in it. I feel like I'm floating. It's a 'keeper'--Thanks!"

Kempton PA

"Hi Greg, The Kneelsit chair is working out very well for me. I've never found a flat-seated chair comfortable, (even the ergonomic flat seats), but all the other kneeling chairs I've tried haven't been adjustable. So the adjustability of the Kneelsit chair is its greatest feature; it accomodates different heights and body types well, and allows me to change the chair as my body preferences change. Also, the movement in the back and seat cushions makes it much more comfortable to sit and work all day at the computer. Overall, I love this chair and am very grateful for it."

Cumberland RI

"I am completely satisfied with my kneel-sit and would not trade it for the world. I´m happy to tell you that your chair has played an integral part in my recovery. Even now as I´m writing this I am making microadjustments to my posture and feeling things move back into place. It´s a strange sensation but quite exciting to feel the pinched nerves "reawakening". I feel very fortunate to have found your "superchair" (as I generally refer to it). I can´t thank you enough. I recommend this chair to anyone who is serious about overcoming their back problems."

Alan J. Popa
Valencia Spain

"Hi Greg,
Thanks for the chair. I thought you'd be interested in my feedback. I've now been using it for a couple of weeks and am delighted with it! The construction and upholstery exceeded my expectations. One has to wary of all the claims that are made for products on the internet - the real Kneelsit is better than the description! I had given up on the traditional Balans-style chair for the all the reasons you identified. Your chair is terrific and gives me a great sense of well-being when using it.
Wishing you all the best,"

Fiacre Baker,
Adelaide, Australia

"Thank you for your time today when I took the liberty of calling out of the blue. Sitting in this chair greatly alleviates the pain of my recently slipped disk. It also makes it MUCH easier to sit with good posture while working at my computer for hours on end. The chair arrived within a week after I ordered it, and it made it through customs (in Japan) without any problem or delays. There were no additional postage or handling fees for the Japan domestic portion of the shipping (which sometimes happens). And the chair was easy to unpack and assemble. I can't imagine a better chair for desk work.!"

David Shinozuka,
Jpn.  Eng Legal & Technical Translator
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Mr. Usher
I received my Kneelsit chair in September, and am quite pleased with it: it has almost totally eliminated the back pain I used to experience after using a conventional chair at my computer.
Your website, packaging, and instruction manual were all very well done, in my opinion. (I really liked the taped-in page with "Loosen Knobs to lift out the seat first"--most shippers just let the purchaser figure out how to pry the thing out of its box.)
I do have a suggestion for improvement, however, listed below.
Instructions for Assembly
The "Fitting the Casters" page advises the purchaser to "strike the [caster] body firmly with the base of your palm" to click it into place. This may work for you robust, sunburned Australians, who spend a day at the beach wrestling white sharks before coming home to snap Kneelsit casters into place with one blow of your brawny, calloused fists, but up here in effete, fog-shrouded Northern California, an attempt to follow these instructions results in yelp of pain, a caster under the couch, a slowly darkening bruise, and a chilled glass of Chardonnay to forget the whole hideous experience.
I'd suggest that the instructions direct the purchaser to execute a light tap with a hammer or mallet--or maybe just a heavy book--to get the casters seated.
J. Barnes
Oakland CA.

Note these comments have been "taken on board and an amended page inserted.

I learned of your website because a co-worker of mine ordered a chair from you more than a year ago. I use a computer all day long, and have been having back problems for 10+ years. Last summer, my co-worker went on a 2-month long vacation and I used his chair while he was away. My back problems were relieved!!

I asked my employer to purchase the chair for me, which began a long period (until now) of their hiring ergonomists to recommend a variety of equipment for my use. I showed them your chair, but none would recommend it in their written reports, so my employer would not purchase the chair for me. My back problems returned!!

So, today, I have given up on my employer - and purchased the chair for myself. An investment in my health!! I look forward to receiving my Equipoise Chair. Now there will be two of us here in this office of about 100 persons who have this great chair!

Everett WA.

"I am on a computer nearly 8 hrs a day and have ALWAYS found customary chairs just this side of objects of torture -- and, have spent a great deal of money on various types/brands of chairs. I do not have a 'bad back' or medical situations for which I am trying to compensate. I just want to feel not abused at the end of an 8 hr day (which is really 10+ hrs.). I achieve this with the Equipoise. The first couple of days of becoming acquainted with it, I found it comfortable, flexible, and surprisingly easy to manuver around. Now it is part of my 'day' and a part that does not exhaust me in trying to stay comfortable! It is well worth the money -- which, I might add, is less than a standard chair that we recently bought. I highly recommend the investment"

J.L. Division Co-ordinator
Scottsdale AZ.

"I love my Kneelsit chair. I've been an all-day computer user since the early 1980's. All night too :-) . I understand the need for proper posture, as I've "learned the hard-way". I used to be a "sloucher," but the kneel-sit chair has corrected my posture and has helped to eliminate both my lower back pain and pain in my arms/wrists/hands. I just completed a major project where I logged something insane like 300 hours in 3 weeks, including a 22-hour stint on the 4th of July. No frequent breaks, no time for rest/stretch, etc. I would have been absolutely miserable without the kneelsit. There were a few days I needed to work right through the night, and I don't think I could have managed without this special chair, I honestly don't believe I would have met the tight deadline."

Lawrence Nadien
Cross River NY.

"We got it!!! And we love it!!"
Thank you

New York NY

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